About Us


Our practice is focused on divorce and family law cases only. Some firms believe they can do many different types of law and still successfully represent their clients. Unfortunately, attorneys who don’t focus their efforts are often at a disadvantage in the family law courtrooms. The law changes, judges rotate in and out, and each courthouse has its own dynamic. That is why you need an attorney who is on top of the latest developments.

We also manage our overall case load to ensure that we have the time and resources to attend to the needs of each individual client. We are not a high-volume practice.   While other firms may take and bill as many cases as they can (high-volume), that approach usually results in an attorney not being able to devote necessary time and attention to the individual cases. And then clients’ calls and e-mails go unreturned for days, deadlines get missed, and questions remain unanswered.   You deserve better.

We offer reasonable rates and retainers. Although some people may see our hourly rates and think they could find a better “deal” that may not be the best option in the end. Undoubtedly, you can find attorneys who have lower rates. But many times, our experience, knowledge of the law and the court system allows us to obtain a favorable result for our clients at significantly lower cost in the long-run than someone else who might not see the opportunity.


Full-service legal representation

Our full-service legal representation option takes you from the beginning of the case to the final resolution.  This means that we will be responsible for the preparation of all your documents, conferences with you and the other party (or attorney), court appearances, and any other actions necessary to finalize your case.

The full-service legal representation is the best solution for clients who expect their divorce to be contested and know they need legal expertise to handle their case. Our firm will handle every aspect of your case and strategize to work toward your goals. We will stand by your side and work for your best interests.

Limited scope legal representation

Limited scope legal representation allows attorneys to provide legal services on a limited basis. This means that our firm could assist you with a particular task or a group of tasks which you believe may be better handled by an attorney.

For example, you may have a hearing in court and wish to hire an attorney for just that appearance.  Or you may need an attorney to put together the terms and draft a settlement agreement.  These are the instances of limited scope legal representation, and we can help you in this capacity.

This option is best suited for the situations where both parties are in full agreement on the legal issues in a case and only need minimal attorney involvement beyond advice, simple court appearance, or drafting of the documents.

Documents preparation and consultation services

Given the current challenging economic conditions, many people simply cannot afford to hire an attorney to begin their divorce or custody cases or to finalize the case which is already on- going.  In this situation, we can help you through our document preparation and consultation option.  This means that you will be self-representing but you would be able to draw upon our years of practical legal experience in guiding you in preparation of all of the necessary forms and documents for your case.